If you want to start hatching quail eggs or raising quail, you will first need to have a quail incubator.
You can build an incubator from a Styrofoam cooler or by finding slabs of the same foam that was used in the shipping of furniture or appliances and gluing them to form a box of the size you will need. Install a light socket into the lid of the cooler. A 25-watt light bulb will provide the proper heat for a contained cooler; you can add a voltage regulator to adjust the amount of heat. To help in maintaining the steady temperature, you can add a small reptile heating pad hooked to a timer.

Place a small fan (a small computer cooling fan) in the incubator to circulate the warm air; stagnant air will not provide a steady temperature to all of the eggs. Make a couple of small holes near the top of the incubator so you can let some fresh air in and to be able to help adjust the temperature by covering the a hole by adding some tape. If you have trouble keeping the temperature high enough, you can use duct tape to cover one or two of these holes to keep more warm air in.

Place a digital thermometer near the same level as you have placed the eggs to keep track of the temperature. You should keep it right at 99 degress F. You also need to maintain about 60 percent humidity, this can be done by placing a small bowl of water in the incubator to keep moisture at the correct level.

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